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The hotbed of musical inspiration and talent that is lovely London is pumping out exciting artists of all stripes at an impressive rate right now. Just earlier this week we highlighted the sounds of South London grime producer Mr. Mitch and today we’re taking it to the other end of the spectrum with the stirring pop of Osca.

The South London band, consisting of Jack, Sean, Dom, and Alex, met through mutual friends and have spent the last eight months locked away in the studio writing and rehearsing. The first we hear of those sessions, and the band’s first track to be put on Soundcloud, is “Blood,” a song that is as emotionally charged, slow building, and subtly catchy as London Grammar’s first few offerings (“Hey Now,” “Metal + Dust”).

While London Grammar is likely a pleasing comparison for a new band like Osca, on repeated listens another name keeps popping into my head. And that name is Coldplay. While being likened to Chris Martin and his now wholly corny crew might not seem most flattering at first, Yellow and A Rush of Blood to the Head era Coldplay had some perfectly written pop gems to their name.

So, if you like powerful pop balladry that isn’t basic and has a real human edge, listen to “Blood,” which the band described as “a tale of longing,” below.

UPDATE: Osca have taken down the original version of “Blood and uploaded a newer version, which you can also now buy from iTunes here.