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Is Australia the new Scandinavia? It may seem like a strange question to ask, but musically, at least, Australia seems to be pumping out bright, interesting new pop, electronic, and rock at an incredible pace right now. Just last week we focussed a Daily Discovery on Twin Caverns and their restrained, hushed electronic pop, and today we introduce Thief.

Although he can’t pinpoint anything exact, Thief has a few ideas why Australia is such a musical hotbed at the moment, and is excited to be a part of it: “I think part of it is that we have great community radio support here in Australia. There’s a lot of ways to get your music heard and I think that gives artists the motivation to keep going and improving, the end result of which is a bunch of really great bands. I don’t really do much writing or anything with other Sydney acts, but it’s definitely a buzz seeing local bands doing well both at home and overseas.

Thief decided to ditch guitars for his Closer EP, telling us that he wanted to experiment and try something different. “I’ve always drawn a lot of inspiration from the instruments I’m using,” says PJ Wolf (the singer-songwriter behind Thief), “so I knew that when I started using more synths that the music would have a different vibe. Plus, there’s something about playing around with synthesisers that makes you feel like your 10 years old again. It’s the best!”

Embracing a new sound has clearly paid dividends for Thief on “Closer,” the first song from the new EP. It’s a bright, bold pop song, with powerful production that sits comfortably with the more delicate vocals. “Closer” is, in Wolf’s own words, “About getting fed up with waiting for things beyond your control to come and fix your life. It’s not really about a specific moment for me, more just something I’ve felt at different times in my life.

“Closer” will be released as a single March 25, with an EP of the same name following in May. Listen to “Closer” and “Broken Boy” below.