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Some voices possess a certain intangible quality that training can’t cultivate, something we might describe as “grit” that gives depth and true feeling to the words sung. It’s that quality that alerts the listener: “Hey, I’ve been through the shit.” Singers like Nina Simone, Tom Waits, Amy Winehouse, and Willis Earl Beal (to name a disparate, unrepresentative few) all possess voices that fit into this category in one form or another, each lyric rooted in the particular subtext of their experience as transmitted through uniquely gifted vocal chords.

While it’s far too early in his career to class British singer and multi-instrumentalist D/C alongside those mentioned, his voice bears that rare quality that suggests something darker behind the words. Set against a beautiful arrangement–a tasteful, sparse combination of cello and synthesizers–D/C’s gravelly, natural instrument takes center stage on debut single “Devil On My Shoulder,” adding ample weight to his evocative words.

Listen to the studio version and a live recording of “Devil On My Shoulder” below.