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Lawrence, Massachusetts is a city located about 30 miles north of Boston, and it’s the home of 23-year-old singer/songwriter Anjelihs. For the past couple of months he’s been working on an EP called Metanoia, and “Beneath The Grapevine” is the first song from it that he’s shared from the project.

“I wanna put out more music,” he explains, “but not if it’s gonna go unnoticed, you know? And people say my stuff is really good, I think it’s really good.” We think so too. “Beneath The Grapvine” is a hypnotic tune laced with smooth vocals from Anjelihs and a verse from rapper Mick Shabazz. Anjelihs sings about loving the feeling of getting zoned out, and this song is like a strong sedative.

“I’ll be releasing a couple more songs and a visual,” Anjelihs says, “after I get as much light as I can on ‘Beneath The Grapevine.'” Check out the song below, and if you dig it, help shine some light on it.