Reggie Bonds returns with tracklist for Life + Times mixtape that he describes as a "therapy session' he wanted to share, "I wanted to just have fun, be on some rapping shit like when I was 14 just hopping the bus and listening to beats and just writing. This is for that kid who can't get to the studio everyday but notepad is filled up with raps and he aspire to be just like me, this is that hope for that young boy that he can turn his dream into reality with faith in God and a strong grind!"

Reggie Bonds is also set to be an creative director of #MKEHIPHOPWEEK In Milwaukee, WI sometime in August he met with the cities Alderman Khalif Rainey a few backs discussing ideas and laying out format for the cities first festival. "Yea man, #MKEHIPHOPWEEK gone be fire I'm on some Camp Flog Gnaw, Complexcon for my city shit I'm on some next level shit I'm trying to bring real creativity to a place that's dark but hell of talented, a place that need a voice. #MKEHIPHOPWEEK is basically just a week of festivities we looking to bring real culture to the city make kids understand the culture fully. WE want them to look deeper than just the music we want them to know how it started from the break dancing, scratching, rapping etc. we want them to know how important Hip-Hop culture is. We are also incorporating health because we feel and know it is a big misunderstood portion in our communities  We plan to have films playing through out the week on culture channeling things, performances and art shows, over all it will be a dope experience for the city!" 

Check out the video for "I'm The Man" below as well as the tracklist for the upcoming mixtape.