It’s been two and a half months since the last one of these. 70-something days and CG and I haven’t heard a thing from anyone about their absence, which just proves to me that you people have no desire or appreciation for dance music. We, however, could only stay away for so long. You’re just going to have to deal with it. Skip over the post and listen to your “more sophisticated” indie rock and hold on to those “I only listen to hip-hop” mentalities. We don’t give a shit. 10 new songs. Blaow.

Dance Music Post. 10 (10 tracks)

I think this is good. It’s hard to tell, though, because I’ve come to love this song so much after hearing it in Drive that any dance refix would probably sound pretty heady. Either way, here it is – from Drive to the dancefloor.

College ft. Electric Youth – A Real Hero (MegaMan & Panic City Remix)

Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit in the air, or a cry for our love and attention, but there has been a recent spate of not mere free tracks, but whole EPs. First up, the two headed dubstep monster that is Skream and Benga give us the five track Scion A/V Presents EP, which sees the two Croydon boys exploring their heavier sides. “Summer Dreams” or “Night” this aint, but even when these two are creating sounds that would make your bro-iest bro feel at home, they’ve got that magic touch that comes from having been producing and hanging around with Hatcha and Artwork since you were 15 years old. Check the hyperactive “Electro West” below and download the whole EP here.

Benga – “Electro West”

We will wager you sirs and madams, that you will soon become sick, tired and jaded with remixes of Lana Del Rey. She makes super popular songs, with catchy choruses, and has the kind of dreamy, drawling delivery that works over a sweeping electronic backdrop. Gemini steps up here, and doenn’t over do things – fortunately the lyrics are given just enough space to breathe and while the result isn’t quite the best Lana remix, but is nonetheless well worth a spin.

Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die (Gemini Remix)”

Another free EP, albeit with just two tracks (aren’t we getting greedy with our free music), came from the dancefloor wrecking chameleon that they call Mosca. This guy jumps from style to style (hip-hop, UK funky, grime, techno) with each release, making in his words “underground club music that you journalist lot might have a bit of trouble boxing up”. The only constant is the undeniable quality of his output, which has given us one of this year’s best releases in the form of “Done Me Wrong / Bax“,  as well as two slower, calmer tracks to celebrate reaching 5000 followers on Twitter. Listen carefully to “The Way We Were” below and grab another free track here.

Mosca – “The Way We Were”

What’s that your saying kids? It’s the weekend and you want to just go out and have fun? You don’t want to hear 9 minutes of ambient noise and nighttime cricket sounds? Well fine, if you’re sure, here’s something new from Sub Focus who knows his way around a pop hook, and a mean ol’ drop. You guys have fun, but I think I’ll stay in with a glass of red and Four Tet’s FabricLive mix.

 Sub Focus ft. Kenzie May – “Falling Down”

Decibel is a up-and-coming producer who is starting to gain recognition from the likes of Lunice, Kissy Sell Out and Toddla T. Gotta admit, I’m pretty jealous, cos I really want Lunice (officially rated by the NFA (National Fun Agency) as the most purely fun DJ in the world) to recognize me. Don’t worry though, I haven’t let this jealousy get in the way of your ears, so enjoy this all-engulfing, heartfelt tune.

Decibel – “Lied”

DJ Zinc is a legend. He calls the music he makes “crack house” and this one’s called “Sustained Loud Sounds.” If you expect anything other than party-time, you are fool.

Zinc – “Sustained Loud Sounds”

If you’re here to party, the next songs are for you. Electro shit, have fun, live your life, you know the drill. Not on the most forward thinking of the electronic spectrums so I’m just going to let the songs do the talking.

Bingo Players – “Mode”

Dada Life – “Fight Club Is Closed (Religion Remix)”

Surkin – “Fan Out”

Eitan Carmi – “The Queen (Stimpack Remix)”