If I were an upcoming musician, I think the week between Christmas and New Year’s is when I would release all my shit, because competition is very, very thin. Blogs slow down, not because we don’t want to post (we don’t), but because the Internet drastically slows down for this week. It’s like a ghost town out there right now. However, with some digging around we are still happy to present the twelfth installation of our Dance Music Posts. I assume robots never sleep, so I guess that’s why the electronic music hasn’t stopped. Logic!!!

Dance Music Post. 12 (.zip)

The electronic world is like every other genre of music today, in that there is a constant influx of new names to keep track of. You’re always going to find some really great remixes from artists you’ve never heard of, and will never hear from again, which makes it tough to sift through the even greater number of terrible remixes and originals floating around. Panic City, through adequate remix jobs of two songs I like has warranted paying attention to. Last week we had the San Franciscan’s remix of “A Real Hero,” this week it’s “Take Care” by Drake. This version borders on Dutch house, and makes the somber, affecting original into a synth-laden jam.

Drake ft. Rihanna – “Take Care (Panic City Remix)”

Sometimes songs have messages. Sometimes the simplest messages are the best. Boddika sticks to the formula on that front, telling you simply to “get up and dance.” The track he outfitted the vocal sample with makes that the easiest thing to do in the world. Listen to him. He knows what he’s doing.

Up & Dance by Boddika

In all reality, you can consider this song a reinterpretation of Clams Casino’s “I’m God,” rather than a remix of Imogen Heap herself. It’s very dubstep, but without getting annoying. Probably possible because of the sheer beauty of that original sample and the fact that it never gets too preoccupied in the drop and instead concentrates on making everything work in tandem.

Imogen Heap – “Just For Now (Ghosteffects & Rule of Eight “I’m God” Remix)”

I still haven’t quite pinned down Jack Beats’ position in the dance music scene. They’re occasionally hit or miss, but their hits are very solid and I’m always excited to see a new track or willing to play them out in a set. Here’s a new one, out of nowhere (at least for me).

Jack Beats – “Make The People”

Tommy Trash is someone whose name is popping up absolutely everywhere if you follow the electro scene. It’s a pity I really don’t like his name. JAYKAY. Except not really kidding. Regardless, he’s churning out a heap of bangers and this remix of his track “Ohwurm” by Style of Eye is no exception.

Tommy Trash – “Ohwurm (Style of Eye Remix)”

Style of Eye making another appearance here, this time on the receiving end of a remix by the always great Harvard Bass. Taking the anthemic original and turning it into something of worth couldn’t have been an easy task, but this dude knows his way around some stems and the end result goes hard.

Style of Eye – “We Are Boys (Harvard Bass Remix)”

You know what I said about nu-disco last week? I stand by it. It has unparalleled levels of happiness and well-being to spread to everyone who hears it. Viceroy is a prince amongst men for dropping gems like this one, his take on a Yelle track. No download, I’m afraid. But don’t hesitate to stream the shit out of this one.

Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Viceroy Remix) by VICEROY

This track is kinda sorta a classic. Royksopp were the electronic I was listening to before I had any clue what electronic music was. This remix is just pure fun.

Röyksopp vs Thin White Duke РWhat Else Is There (Neon Stereo 2012 Refix) by neonstereo

This Pedestrian fellow is new to me, but I’m liking his very UK sounding remix of R&B singer Emile Sande’s “Daddy”, complete with chopped vocals, clipped drums and a generally lovely laid back vibe.

Emeli Sande – “Daddy (Pedestrian Remix)”

We rarely seem to post Drum & Bass on these here DMP’s, so to remedy that, here’s a freshly released, hot off the press remix of a Joker classic. Nearly 8 minutes of full-on D&B – put that in your crack pipe and smoke it!

Joker – “Digidesign (Interface Remix)”

PS -> this is the third week in a row we’ve posted this in time for the weekly DMP deadlines, aren’t you proud/impressed? LOL