It’s been another interesting week for dance music, as it continues to (sometimes uncomfortably) transition from being the next big thing, to being the big thing itself. DJ’s, producers and fans wonder whether this rise in mainstream popularity will result in an influx of new ideas, or a slowdown in creativity as young producers attempt to make crowd-pleasing bangers rather than experiment. This week’s major point of contention was the announcement that Simon Cowell was launching an X-Factor/American Idol style DJ talent show to “find the world’s best DJ” because apparently “DJ’s are the new rock stars”.

Whether this comes to fruition or not, we shall see, but EDM must be in pretty good shape if this much quality music is being given away free. Have at it you hooligans!

Dance Music Post. 16 (.zip)


Allow longtime NY party-starter Eli Escobar to get us started with some disco-indebted house vibes. Featuring some rather excited sounding moans and a mean bass line, this is one sexy, sweaty, freaky-ass jam. Eli’s Work It EP is out now (listen to the four track offering here) and this, the title track, has a super-fun video which you should go watch now.

Eli Escobar – “Work It”

More sultry, spoken female vocals as we’re told to “Whisper in my ear…Like that” on this big-room disco remix of Kitsuné’s latest offering from US duo Oliver. If you don’t know Kitsuné do yourself a favor and check them out – they’re an always on-point Paris based record (and fashion) label who release albums from Digitalism, Hot Chip and Two Door Cinema Club, as well as their long running Kitsuné Maison compilation.

Oliver – “Dirty Talk (Wax Motif Remix)”

This Nottingham, UK based producer is going to get himself on to a lot more people’s radars if he keeps producing snapping, percussive choons that knock like this. This juke influenced take on the UK bass sound is something I’m enjoying, and it’s got a Nas sample, so what more could you want?

Epworth – “Ain’t Hard”

Voxels are a duo from Portugal who would like us to remember that “there are too kinds of people in the world: the ones who believe in unicorns and the ones who are idiots. If you like Voxels’ music you are neither of them, which automatically makes you special.” And I believe you will like their propulsive “bachelor house” (their words not mine) rework of this once summery track. Groove to this.

Moullinex – “Sunflare (ruined by Voxels Remix)”

New Jersey resident DJ Sliink turbocharges this one on the remix, turning a half-time jam into a sure fire foot mover, whilst managing to keep a certain dark feel to the track. Check it out below, and hit up the original tune and 4 other remixes on XLR8R.

Trusty and Freezer – “Massage Creep (DJ Sliink Remix)”

This is pure fire from a young UK producer by the name of Numan Khan. Coming on like Araabmuzik on speed this is on a mad grime hype, with a hyperactive melody and 808’s that will test your speakers to the limit. Out to ace UK underground music blog Digital Pirate Material for this one – check their wide-ranging free tape here to get an overview of the many-headed monster that was the UK underground music scene in 2011.

Numan – “Salute”

Dutch producer Vato Gonzales adds another track to the growing canon of moombahton releases, but steps out from the crowd with the innovative samples on this one. Vato allies field recordings of crickets and birdsong to sped up clips from 60’s Czech films and the 15 minute-long result is Beethoven-esque in it’s scope and execution. LOLJK. But seriously, the salsa sample is fun though.

Vato Gonzales – “The Moombahstard”

Nero are big now, like near the top of a festival bill, mainstream radio play big, in part because their debut album Welcome Reality drew on a variety of influences, one of which was the 80’s vocal stylings of “Crush On You” and “Must Be The Feeling”. For this remix, Ram Records badmen Delta Heavy come at you with a pretty heavy on remix, but keep the super-catchy and just straight up fun vocals.

Nero – “Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)”

This Belgian duo love a good electro banger, and the sampled voice just adds even more fun to this already party-tastic tune. If that’s what researchers do, I wanna be one too!

Mumbai Science – “Researchers”

Last but definitely not least…what you see below is not even a full song – it’s two, two minute clips of Scuba’s forthcoming single “The Hope” (and the b-side “Flash Addict”) which will be released on February 6th as the first single from his new album Personality.  Scuba has been on an epic run of multi-genre winning with his releases on Hotflush and his entry into the DJ Kicks, and his run is set to continue if this crunching, menacing single and it’s looser, freer b-side. If you’re interested in innovative, and just all around great EDM, you’ve got to keep an eye on Scuba.

Scuba – The Hope / Flash Addict [PER001] by Hotflush


Bonus Track:

I wasn’t too sure about this at first, but it’s grown on me, so here, have a remix of a modern classical/film soundtrack composer and multi-instrusmentalist Yann Tiersen. As the song built up to what seemed to be the first drop I was ready to quit cos it seemed headed towards brosteppy drop, but it turns out I misunderestimated Trunkz, who keeps it pleasingly atmospheric.

Yann Tiersen – “Comptine D’un Autre Ete (Trunkz Remix)”