You may have heard, Lil Earl Sweatshirt has been going through some serious intervention in Samoa, and the latest news is that the young Odd Future prodigy is on his way home to Los Angeles, where he’ll finish high school before getting back into this music shit. Alternative Intervention Models (AIM) is the group that most recently sent some volunteers over to Samoa to meet with Earl, and they called his experience there “extraordinary.” When Complex interviewed Earl’s friend and fellow resident at Samoa’s Coral Reef Acedemy, Tyler Craven told a slightly different story.

Without hearing directly from Earl, it’s entirely and absolutely impossible to come to any conclusions, but the conflicting stories leave a lot of things up in the air, floating around like that bag in American Beauty, except a lot less gracefully. The media is getting antsy, Odd Future fans are getting hostile, and the #FREEEARL hashtags are circulating with a fervor that can be felt even through Twitter timelines. On February 24, Earl turns 18 years old, and we’re all wondering: What the fuck is going to happen with Earl Sweatshirt?

Click through to see the possibilities:

Earl Ditches The Offensive Odd Future Style And Opts For A Positive Vibe

According to Alternative Intervention Models, Earl’s experience in Samoa is a positive one, helping to shape him into a better, more self-aware person and guiding him into the right direction. What affect will this have on his rapping? Well, it probably means a lot less of, well, pretty much all the content that he focused on pre-Samoa. With his level of raw skill, he might actually be able to spit some positive bars and sound good doing it. Maybe.

The Samoan Culture Now Flows Through Earl’s Veins

There’s something about going through a turning point while in a certain place that forms a strong connection between you and that place. It’s just impossible for some places not to have an impact on you. Like, in 2009 I ended up in Laguna Beach for a week and I came back with a tramp stamp, a nose job, and a more laid back attitude about drinking during the day. Will the Samoan vibez have an impact on Earl’s music? In case you’re wondering, there is Samoan hip-hop. It goes something like this.

Earl Joins Young Money

Fuck it. Earl’s got some catching up to do. His disappearance has already elevated him to some kind of cult hero status, but cult status doesn’t pay. Young Money does. Expect a video from Birdman soon. Earl’s getting that moolah. Oh, and do you know where the word “moolah” comes from? Fiji. And do you know what’s right next to Fiji? Samoa. So, there’s that.

Earl Returns From Seclusion, Releases “Fuck Coral Reef”

Maybe Earl’s experience wasn’t so “extraordinary.” For a young kid taken out of his element and transplanted into an intervention program away from his home, friends, and rising career, it’s easy to understand how he might be a little pissed off when he gets back. Diss songs in hip-hop are getting weak lately, but can you imagine how brutal Earl could get on “Fuck Coral Reef”?

Earl Reunites With Odd Future

If the OFWGKTA fans have their way, Earl’s gonna get right back into business with his original posse. You can’t deny that they’ve held Earl down while he’s been away, repping him on t-shirts and keeping the hype alive.┬áMaybe all the messages from the inside were coerced. Once he’s 18, he’s free to act on his own behalf and do what he wants. Maybe we’ll see EarlWolf after all.

Thebe Goes Rock

The weight of being dubbed a hip-hop prodigy is heavy. Keep in mind that when Earl left he was just a young kid making music for fun. When he comes back, there will be all kinds of expectations. Expectations can absolutely kill creativity. It might be the single most important explanation for the sophomore slump. When Thebe returns and everyone expects him to be the savior of hip-hop, it may be just enough to make him want to ditch the game all together. But an artist has to express themselves somehow. And Thebe sounds like a pretty good name for a frontman.

Earl Becomes An Athlete

Really, there’s absolutely no reason for this besides a loose connection via the Golf Wang anagram. That seems like enough reason. Can you image the potential of a GOLF WANG line to rejuvenate the 12-18 year-old demographic for the sport of golf? Incredible.

Earl Graduates From Coral Reef, Stays And Becomes Counselor

Maybe AIM was right and this experience is a positive one. From what we know about his stay in Samoa, he doesn’t have access to computers and cell phones and all that. It sounds crippling, since we rely on these things to do our living for us, but he’s on a beautiful island, living off the grid, and focusing on “self-realization.” We’re too busy tweeting and blogging to learn anything about ourselves, but we imagine that it could be a good thing. And also, staying in Samoa might be a good call.