Just because.

Honestly, this post started over a year ago. I was doing some awesome Photoshop work (it was actually in Paint at the time). I was posting a mash-up of two artists, and I had the genius idea to put one artist’s head on the body of the other artist. I know, I know, I’m fucking brilliant. But like most geniuses, I was never satisfied.

“Wait,” I thought, “what if, instead of putting the head on another human body, I put the head on an animal body?!” I took the next two weeks off, basking in the glory of simply knowing that I was quite possibly the most intelligent person on the internet, then I got to work. Waka Flocka as a dog, Lykke Li as a (beautiful) doe, Kanye as a chipmunk. The ideas kept flowing. It was as if I, a lowly blogger, was possessed by an angel, or better yet touched by the hand of God himself. You and me God. We did this. Together.

I present to you the most important music blog post of all time: Musicians As Animals. Musicianimals? Animalicians? I don’t know, you come up with a title, I’ve done enough genius shit for an entire century.

Thank you to Kevin for all the help. He actually ended up doing most of the work, so thank him @Krbfolio. Also shoutout to @MisterMaryJane for the pigeon with the Gucci facetat. Enjoy, and stay tuned, because there is already a Part 2 in the works.

25 Musicians Reimagined As Animals