Yesterday the West Philly side of Will Smith came out, and one of the most well-behaved, media-friendly men in showbiz backhanded a reporter who tried to get a little too close. The reporter’s shtick, apparently, is kissing celebs after he interviews them. Will was okay with the hug, but when the guy made multiple attempts to kiss Will on the mouth, Mr. Smith shoved the reporter away and gave him a backhand to the face. It wasn’t a violent slap, more of a disciplinary “fuck is wrong with you?” kind of slap, and with that simple gesture, Will stripped that reporter of any pride he may have had.

The reaction to the slap has been surprisingly positive. While some think Will “crossed a line,” the Internet responded mostly with LOLs and “that was the coolest thing Will Smith has done in years.” It got us thinking, this may just be the first step of Will setting himself up for a rap comeback. Watch the slap below, then read on to see 5 other things Will could do to get this rap comeback thing going.

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1. Have a member of his entourage (non-fatally) shot

It’s so sad that we live in a time when being associated with shootings is “cool,” but that’s another issue. For now, we are trying to figure out how to get Will a little cred boost before he returns to the rap arena. A shooting would do it, and then he could follow it up with a new song called, “This Ain’t A Movie,” or even better, a revenge song called “Thug Massacre.”

“You heard Will Smith’s crew got shot at? His boy was hit.”

“Oh word? He got any new shit coming out?”

2. Make a Big Willie Style 2… about his dick

Will is a wholesome dude. He’s a family man, an actor, and has one of those likable auras about him that makes it close to impossible for him to rap about a lot of the things that most rappers rap about. But there is one thing that could flip his image, get some attention, and probably be taken more seriously than the original Big Willie Style. That one thing is Big Willie Style 2: My Dick. This time, “Big Willie” takes on a new meaning. Obviously, there are many directions to be taken, but a Free Willy reference is essential, wherein Will could talk about whipping out his whale-sized member (and possibly slapping someone with it).

3. Start a drug cartel

Maybe I’m way off here, but there seems to be some type of correlation between getting involved with the drug trade and becoming a famous rapper. I’m not sure why or how this works—in fact, I’ve been coordinating large scale drug trade operations for years and my rapping hasn’t improved much or attracted much attention. This suggestion may prove to be futile, but I can’t see any downsides to giving it a shot.

4. Get a face tat

It’s so obvious, and it’s the solution to pretty much everything. Face tats for everyone, all the time. If you’re not thinking about what you want to get as your next face tat, you’re losing; you’re doing life wrong. Some say that you can’t buy street cred, but they’re wrong. You can, and it’s the price of one face tattoo.

5. Men In Black 3 theme song featuring Waka Flocka Flame

Everybody loves Waka Flocka, and he’s never had a shortage of credibility. Time and time again, Waka has shown that he’s ready for whatever, and a partnership with a guy like that automatically gives you cred. What may come as a surprise though, is that Waka’s also an incredibly funny, friendly, and open-minded dude. When we interviewed him, he even said that if the chance to do a Justin Bieber collaboration came up, he’d take it. No doubt that he’d do the same for Will.