Ellie Goulding is the perfect candidate to be remixed. Her voice sounds just as good over a piano as it does over an electronic onslaught, and she can pull off the sensitive acoustic track with as much confidence as the bass-heavy party-starter. Her ability to fit in with so many different styles gives producers the chance to have some fun and get creative, and they’ve taken notice.

As Ellie gears up to release her sophomore album, Halcyon, on October 8th (pre-order it here), it is only fitting that we revisit the tracks from her debut album and the hundreds of remixes they inspired.

By Rosa Barney

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Track: “Hanging On” ft. Tinie Tempah
Remixed By: Draper

“Hanging On” is actually a track by Active Child that Ellie Goulding decided to cover and throw Tinie Tempah on. When she released this track via Twitter she called it “the beginning of her new journey.” This tweet preempted her new album annoucement. Draper’s splices in this song make Ellie’s voice drip sex more so than usual.


Track: “Lights”
Remixed By: Xaphoon Jones

It is no secret that Xaphoon Jones is a little bit of an anglophile. If you check his Twitter he frequently tweets his British labelmates, saying cheers and calling people “bruv.” That being said it should be no surprise that he has done a few Ellie Goulding remixes (and even helped her out with a cover of The Weeknd’s “High for This”). Xaph’s version of Lights starts off showcasing Ellie’s soprano and then halfway through drops off and becomes an instrumental.


Track: “Under The Sheets”
Remixed By: Jakwob

Jakwob is a well known name among dubstep fans. His tracks are liked by listeners just getting into dubstep and fans that liked drum and bass before it made way for its wompy cousin. He has remixed a couple of fellow Brit Ellie’s tracks and shows how her delicate chops can be transformed into something utterly grimey. His remix of “Under The Sheets” is the definition of a banger and will make you turn up the bass until your speakers threaten to tear.


Track: “Black and Gold”
Remixed by: Slick Werk

Prior to getting picked up by Neon Gold Records Ellie Goulding released a lot of covers to help make a name for herself (and she still does plenty of covers today), one of those covers was Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold” which was subsequently remixed by Milwaukee based dubstep producer Slick Werk. The cover and remix gives the song a new personality; it is almost unrecognizable until the chorus hits.


Track: “Under The Sheets”
Remixed By: The Knocks

B-Roc and JPatt are a NYC based duo that are known for their remixes as well as their original tracks. This time they decided to take a stab at their fellow Neon Gold labelmate’s track, Under The Sheets. Their version rises and falls and just when you think they are going to hit you with a bass drop it calms down again.


Track: “Lights”
Remixed By: RAC

Remix Artist Collective, better known as RAC, was formerly a duo and is now a trio comprised of Andre Allen Anjos, Andrew Maury, and the newest member Karl Kling. Together these three guys have produced over 180 remixes and original tracks putting their distinctive spin on club standards and lesser known indie tracks. This is by far one of the more relaxed versions of “Lights” that we have heard.

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Track: “Starry Eyed”
Remixed By: Russ Chimes

When you get about two and a half minutes into the song the tempo changes, a keyboard comes in and it sounds like a new remix. This version of Starry Eyed would be the perfect soundtrack to sipping drinks in an ultra trendy lounge bar, you know, the kind with awkward sofas, tables that are too low and “ambient lighting.”


Track: “Under The Sheets”
Remixed By: Baby Monster

This electro version of the song has a strong pop undercurrent that won’t leave an overly sugary sweet taste in your mouth. The bright bouncy synths help keep the track accessible unlike some of the heavier dubstep remixes out there.



Track: “Under The Sheets”
Remixed By: Chiddy Bang

This time Xaphoon Jones decided to collaborate with Chiddy, the other half of Chiddy Bang, on an Ellie Goulding remix. This was part of their Air Swell mixtape that was made entirely of songs created during their transatlantic flights back in the day. As usual Xaph is on the beat and Chiddy is spitting bars, and it just goes to show that Ellie’s voice makes a place for itself no matter where you put it.



Track: “High For This”
Remixed By: Monsieur Adi

The Monsieur Adi remix builds incredibly slowly but it is worth it. Adi brought in some moving strings and impressive drum progressions in addition to extending the song to about 6 and a half minutes. You do not actually need to be high for this.


Track: “Starry Eyed”
Remixed By: Penguin Prison

Chris Glover, the man behind Penguin Prison, took his remix of “Starry Eyed” a step further by bringing Theophilus London into the mix. What ensues is a danceable track that is balanced by Theophilus’ smooth and seductive flow.



Track: “Lights”
Remixed By: Shook

This is what I imagine an Ellie Goulding song would sound like if John Legend decided to get on the keys for her. It’s a far cry from the overly energized beats that come with the majority of Ellie Goulding remixes. Unfortunately John and Ellie have not collaborated — yet — but on the upside you can listen to Shook’s version of “Lights” and pretend.


Track: “Heartbeats”
Remixed By: Cosmonaut Grechko

Ellie Goulding already has a beautiful voice—couple that with The Knifes’ “Hearbeats” and the result is so sweet it’s crippling. After hearing Ellie’s cover of The Knifes’ tune on BBC Radio 1, Cosmonaut Grechko decided to add a few subtle touches giving the song a little bounce to its step.


Track: “Anything Could Happen”
Remixed By: Blood Diamonds

The majority of Ellie Goulding remixes fall into the dubstep category but Blood Diamonds has decided to leave the filthy wobbles behind and create a crisp, clean track from the first single off Halcyon. He might look like a dark, gothic character, but his production on this is so bright and euphoric that after one listen you’ll be skipping down the street and calling for summer’s return.



Track: “Lights”
Remixed By: Bassnectar

This is the most famous Ellie Goulding remix out there and might even be more recognizable than the original. Bassnectar kept the track danceable by keeping the womps to a minimum. When he released the track via his soundcloud page he called Ellie “an amazing vocalist, currently blowing up with countless amazing songs. There are lots of remixes going around, but we wanted to give you a version that sounds like what I would play in a set, something deep and hypnotic and churning with sub bass…” Bassnectar was right, Ellie’s “Lights” sits at #5 on the Billboard Top 100 and it continues to spread. This massive remix didn’t hurt.