P&P has been known to show Lykke Li all kinds of love. She deserves it. Aside from being a talented artist, her personality is cool as fuck. Her love for hip-hop has been brought up in countless interviews, and it’s when she combines that love with her talents that you get some really interesting results, many of which occur during her live performances. And while we don’t have footage from the above performance between Q-Tip and Lykke Li at the 2008 mtvU Woodies, we have assembled some classic clips that we’re filing under “Lykke Li meets hip-hop.” Click the picture or hit “next” to read on…

Lykke Li vs. A Tribe Called Quest

While we don’t have the aforementioned Q-Tip/Lykke Li clip from the Woodies, we do have this awesome medley she does. She goes from covering Lou Reed‘s “Walk On The Wild Side” into Tribe‘s “Can I Kick It?” (which just gets an awesome response because, well, it’s Li going into full rapper mode) into Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam” because, well, why not? As bonus, check out this clip from her interview with Nardwuar, which features a bit of “Can I Kick It?” acapella (around 2:10):

Lykke Li vs. Lil’ Wayne

Post-Tha Carter III, Lykke Li started incorporating Lil’ Wayne‘s “A Milli” as an intro into her track “Breaking Up.” The best part of this was not just the flashes of light during her drum beating or how into it she gets when the “A Milli” loop drops, but her flipping Weezy’s opening lines into “I’m a millionaire, no I’m not a fucking millionaire.” The first clip is a better view of the intro, with the second showcasing more of how she worked it into “Breaking Up.”

Lykke Li vs. Rick Ross

This might be the best example of Lykke Li fully covering a rap track. Just her and a guitarist add their own flavor to Rick Ross‘ “Hustlin'” in what seems like a pretty intimate setting. We wish the crowd got more into the moment and gave as much as she was giving; it’s also funny to imagine that this could’ve been her jumping up at a random karaoke night and just doing renditions of the exact of opposite tracks you think she’d take on.

Lykke Li vs. Kanye West

There are two moments where Lykke Li met Kanye – one not so good, one that’s VERY dope. They linked up on NASA’s “Gifted,” which also featured Santigold. It’s more of a dance track, but they were both featured vocalists on the song. The really interesting twist Lykke Li has done was mashing up “Youth Knows No Pain” along with Kanye’s “Power” – it starts around 3:41 in that clip;  it’s dope to hear her take the song into a different realm with the addition of the Kanye instrumental. Lykke Li vs. Fugees Shouts to commenter Paige for this one; we’re kind of upset this one slipped by us! We’re not sure of the name of the woman Lykke Li‘s seductively singing with/to/on (Zhala), but this clip from a show in Paris in 2010 finds them doing a duet of Lauryn Hill‘s verse (and hook) from the Fugees’ “Ready Or Not” before digging into “Sadness Is A Blessing.” This might be the best clip of this list.

Lykke Li Explains Why Rappers Like Her

This moment, from an interview with Vulture, is short, but encapsulates why we love Lykke Lifor doing her and being herself:

Last question: Why do rappers like you so much? Um … because I got balls?