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    Dubstep, AMIRITE? While the history of the genre has played an important part in the evolution of electronic music, it's also come to represent, to some people, nothing more than a cacophony of wamp-wamps and vrrah-vrrah-vrrahs. With the explosion of EDM and the culture surrounding it, there has also been a backlash, with dubstep being the main target. And when it comes time to point a finger, there's Skrillex. There he his with his half shaved head and thick-framed glasses, making the bros rage and fist-pump in their tank tops and neon Ray-Bans, while thinking that they are "massive dubstep fans yo." Sure, some of his music can be fun to lose your shit to in a live setting, but when listening to more than one of his tracks at a time gives you a migraine, there's surely something wrong.

    Maybe even worse than the brostep sound he helped popoularize is his recently released track "Leaving," a cack-handed attempt to make an Untrue-era Burial tune that fails through its lack of any humanity, soul or even the faintest hints of originality. It's not bad, it's just boring and five years late.

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