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Image via SciFiNow

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Should I drop this “why do you bother hating on EDM” conversation? No. Why? Because you’re playing yourself in trying to argue it. I’m not here to say “calling it dance music is wrong,” but I’m also not going to waste my time debating what the fuck people are calling this. Just because you want to burn the term “EDM” at the stake, I’ll be here doing what I’ve always done: loving exciting new music. See, the sooner you realize that the stigma affixed to “EDM” is based on you actually giving a fuck about what traditional media thinks about something it clearly doesn’t understand, the better. I’ll wait.

Grizzly Bear – “Will Calls (Diplo Remix)”

Kudos to everyone involved in this, from Diplo with the trippy trap lean on this remix to Warp actually getting him for it. We all win.

Danny Brown – “Dip (Preditah Remix)”

The original “Dip” was intense, but there’s something with the way Preditah brought in the creepy darkness to this Old track that reigns supreme.

Boys Noize & Housemeister – “1988”

Nothing says “paying tribute to Dance Mania” like a song that sounds like it could’ve dropped on Dance Mania.

Disclosure ft. Sasha Keable – “Voices (Wookie Remix)”

UK garage, so soulful.

Beat King & Brodinski – “5 Years (Club Version)”

Not necessarily the best message for the raver massive, but this is a great example of rap and EDM mixing into something epic.

Robin Thicke – “Give it 2 U (Trippy Turtle Remix)”

Trippy’s been on one in 2013, and finally felt it was time to give away one of their impressive reworks. Get your twerk on to this Jersey club SMASH.

Alesia – “Andrea”

Many slept on Alesia, like Alesia wasn’t a part of DJ Snake’s “Bird Machine.” Wake up and revel in the massiveness that is “Andrea.”

Pomo – “Work It Out”

That Janet Jackson sample is everything.

Evian Christ – “Salt Carousel”

And now you know what Evian was a part of Yeezus.

Bonde do Role ft. Ce’Cile – “Brazilian Boys (Major Lazer Remix)”

Hypnotic Major Lazer tunage right here. The looped vocal works perfectly over this riddim, and the fact that its more of a groove than an overall drop fest adds something. Hands up!