By Elijah Watson

South By South West 2014 officially ended this past Sunday. As always, the Austin, Texas-based event is essentially a non-stop party where parking lots become stages and everybody looks like they’re a part of a band or rap clique. Everyone and everything is challenged. Can you remain in a line for an event for several hours although you’re aware that you might not get in? Will your phone be able to endure all of the selfies and Instagram pictures and videos you’ve taken of famous people? Can your stomach handle all of the free alcohol? Will you ever get a taxi after midnight? The end results are different for everyone, but it’s impossible not to have a good time.

This year probably won’t go down as one of SXSW’s best years, but it still managed to be a good experience for veterans and newcomers alike. Sure, the increase in branding and advertising that has come with each SXSW may have many of us skeptical about its future, but no matter what, we all leave with plenty of good memories and weird selfies. So, in honor of this year’s SXSW, here is an ode to the festival done in a “Versace” cadence. (Shouts out Migos!)

Versace, Versace, now SX is over and everyone’s leaving
But trust me on this all the brands will be scheming for next SX season (scheming!)
Versace, Versace, I’m on the guest list and no one can stop me
What do you mean there’s no guest list and no I will not leave the property (whoo!)
Versace, Versace, I’m getting text messages saying, “Where are you?”
Oh I’m at the Fader Fort getting so faded and you should come thru (booze!)
Versace, Versace, hashtag, hashtag, promotion, promotion
I should be networking with you and your friends but I’m too drunk to function (turnt!)
Versace, Versace, there are so many things that are RSVP
Versace, Versace, I am on sixth street with all of my posse
Haha I’m kidding I just left a club by myself I’m so lonely (sad boy!)
Versace, Versace, Doritos, Doritos, Doritos, Doritos
Why Gaga got girls throwing up what looks like green Tito’s (vodka!)
Versace, Versace, this pedicab rocking the Game of Thrones throne
Taking all of these selfies across downtown Austin with my white iPhone (Steve Jobs!)
Versace, Versace, Tyler, the Creator incited a riot
But if you are blaming him for the accident then please just be quiet (stop it!)
Versace, Versace, food trucks on each block for a really quick bite
Hey wait is that Kelis giving out some free food oh wow that is so tight (jerk ribs!)
Versace, Versace, Jay Z and Kanye made you team Samsung
But you got rid of that phone quicker than American Idol got rid of William Hung (obscure reference!)
Versace, Versace, it’s four in the morning and I need to sleep
These nightmares about business branding do nothing but make me weep (wah!)
Versace, Versace, I love you Based God you are my world
Oh yes I almost forgot my tiny shirt king you can have my girl (TYBG!)
Versace, Versace, I ran into Nardwuar and he is so cool
Doot doola doot doola doot doo doo (Canada!)
Versace, Versace, SX has finally come to an end
Maybe next year we should all go to South By So What instead (circle pit!)

Disclaimer: This rap was written by Elijah, not Migos (don’t sue us!)