André 3000 was the wildcard in this whole Outkast reunion circus. Since 2007, Big Boi has been regularly releasing music, selling out shows, and generally cementing his legendary status, but André has been harder to pin down. Did he really want to do this reunion tour? Would there be tension between the two rappers? Would André be rusty and disinterested?

All this uncertainty made it so necessary to watch Outkast’s comeback show at Coachella back in April, and added another layer of interest for any fan seeing them live this summer. As the show reviews and videos rolled in, those elements of surprise have slowly worn off, and the idea that Outkast really are performing together has become less alien.* For those paying close attention, though, André 3000 has been expressing himself in a unique way, with a mixture of slyly humorous, overtly political, and just plain weird slogans on his jumpsuit.

Of the 28 festival shows Outkast have played so far, André has had a new slogan each time on all but three occasions, and we’ve collected all 25 that have appeared so far above.

*Don’t get us wrong though, you should still move heaven and earth to see Outkast live.

UPDATE: All 47 of the jumpsuits worn by Andre 3000 were collected for an exhibition in Miami, and we have pictures of all of them (plus Andre himself) here.