• Yung Lean - 'Stranger'

    Release date: November 10
    Essential tracks: "Agony," "Drop It / Scooter," "Red Bottom Sky"

    Throughout the years, Swedish rapper Yung Lean has set himself apart from other viral success stories and popular rap alike. With Stranger, he's delivered his most mature and focused project yet. Taking on a completely different form to that of his earliest material, Stranger is sparse, catchy, and occasionally haunting. "Agony," the piano-led penultimate track, is the most immediate highlight here, but there's not really a single dud on it.

    Stranger rejects what's big right now and reinvents who Yung Lean is as an artist. Elements of his euphoric Unknown Memory era sound still linger, but for the most part this is a fresh take. It's inviting and quite often gorgeous, something that seems hard to grasp considering where Lean started musically. Either way, he's slowly progressed into one of the most interesting rappers around, even if Stranger is his least rap-influenced release so far.

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