Yuuup! These are both from Trey’s recent MTV Unplugged performance. Above you can see him doing “Invented Sex” into the classic “Let’s Get It On”. Okay, that’s cool, but you might have seen it coming. Below, he does “I Need A Girl” and then throws in a surprise by going into Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody”. Not that “Use Somebody” hasn’t been covered to death, but I never imagined it coming from Trey Songz.

After going through “I Need A Girl”, Trey gets all smoother-than-you, brings up a good looking girl on the stage, sits her down, talks some shit, and then busts out the Kings Of Leon cover around the 5:00 mark. He sings while gazing into her eyes and stroking her arm, circling her like a lion about to maul a meaty antelope. Spoiler: There will be no mauling. 30 seconds later, he’s in her face looking like he’s about to make out with her. Judging by the way things went down, I was almost expecting some penetration by the 6 minute mark, or at least a little 69ing, but no such luck. Possibly on the uncensored DVD performance. You can watch more videos from the performance at MTV Buzzworthy.