Apparently the frontman of Vampire Weekend used to be in a rap group – a rap group that made this song about pizza parties. This should be motivation for all of us who come up with horrible #fails before making it big. Hopefully one day I can look back as owner of my own record label and well-respected member of society and say “Oh look at silly, younger me, Tweeting (Follow Me) about Four Lokos and blogging with reckless profanity and no regard for professionalism.” Hopefully.

I mean, just look at Ezra. He was in the goofy white rap group talking about pizza parties. Who would’ve thought that someday he’d be in a popular indie band called Vampire Weekend singing about Ottomans? Eh, guess it’s not much of a stretch… fuck it, back to this Four Loko, bitccccchhhhessss!

Don’t get caught with caught with the wack calzone.