An Eminem freestyle post has long been in the works of any longtime Em fan’s head, and seeing that Eminem has been popping up a lot lately, it seems like an appropriate time to do this. When I’m looking for good YouTube videos, there are a few go-to searches that never fail: “Bob Marley interview,” “Cat Fail,” “Knockout,” and “Eminem Freestyle.”

Watching Eminem freestyle is like seeing a dog bred for fighting trapped in a corner. Maybe it has to do with his past, maybe it has to do with the fact that as a white rapper from Detroit, he’s always had a lot to prove. Or maybe it’s just an ocean of raw talent being funnelled through a microphone. Whatever it is, it’s intense. Here are the 10 best Eminem freestyles.

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Here’s Em on the Wake Up Show. Start off a freestyle with “Met a retarded kid named Greg with a wooden leg, snatched it off and beat him over the head with the peg…” and you know things are bound to take a turn for the crazy.

“Broke the rubber, busted a nut up in your mother, so how you feel about havin’ another little brother?” Dead.

This is a more recent video from Tim Westwood’s show on BBC Radio in 2009 but Eminem spazzes and proves that he’s still got enough dark stuff tucked away in his brain to spit a twisted freestyle. Kon Artis is also in on this one, with Alchemist providing the beats.

Ruthless battle raps from the Rap Olympics. You thought 8 Mile was just a movie?

This one is from an old MTV interview with Kurt Loder. For the finale, Eminem sat in the driver’s seat of a car and had some fun freestyling with Proof leaning in from the window.

“Look, my face is pale, but you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

On stage in New York, Eminem gets sick. Shots fired at Cage and Mystikal, and an onslaught of ruthless homicidal torture threats ensues. No beat necessary.

More shots fired, and towards the end Em declares that he’s so bored with everyone saying the same shit that he’s just gonna make up a language. And then he does just that. From there on, everything he says is quotable.

“Who’s the hottest? To be honest, hip hop ain’t been the same since 2Pac moved to Cuba on us.”

I’m happy that Eminem is sober and seems to be a lot more peaceful these days, but his old anger-fueled freestyles were nasty. In a little over a minute, this freestyle epitomizes the old Eminem that craves drugs and is pissed off at the world.

You know you’re a good emcee when your freestyles get titles. This one is “Weed Lacer.”