Here’s the new video from Theo Martins for “Turn It Up”, a track from his dance party of a mixtape, Sincerely Yours, The Dancefloor. The production on this is crazy, and at first it was a little weird to hear Theo over tracks like this, but he makes it work, and the mixtape has received a very high approval rating. Shoutout to trying new things, right? Right.

Theo says:

Because it’s the first song onĀ Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor, the ‘Turn It Up’ video is basically about me being at a crossroads. We used imagery of me sitting in the middle of railroad tracks, and again in the middle of a street, to represent that. It’s like I can either run from being at the crossroads aimlessly without a plan, or I can just sit there, brace the impact of what’s to come and deal with it. In the end, with dignity, I opt to stay the course. I can say this much, I’m so far pleased with the results of that decision.

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