As with most holidays, it seems that we’ve forgotten what the true meaning of Halloween really is. For young adults in 2011, the word “Halloween” evokes imagery of girls dressed up as slutty nurses or slutty rabbits, guys with confidence boosted not only by heavy drinking and drug use, but by the fact that they’re dressed as their favorite superhero or movie character, and the inevitable walk of shame that this combination of slutty girls and confident guys yields, which is exponentially more shameful when one is wearing a costume. Walking home at 10 in the morning dressed as a slutty something-or-other, or with your face still painted and your throat sore from yelling, “Why so serious!?” to every stranger you met last night, you’ll ponder how the hell Halloween turned into what it is.

The holiday evolved from beliefs about ghosts, spirits, human sacrifice, and supernatural happenings. Over the years, Halloween evolved into more of a mischievous celebration of our dark, imaginative side. It’s become less of a “let’s kill Bob–maybe we’ll have a more prosperous winter” kind of thing, but it’s still the one time of year when our natural fascination with all things scary can be embraced. It’s when getting your heart racing and feeling your skin crawl is sought after instead of avoided. To help you keep this in mind, we’ve compiled five of the scariest, eeriest, and most unsettling music videos of the year. Happy Halloween.

P.S. – Bonus points if you dress up as a pigeon. Triple if you can pull off a slutty pigeon costume.

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Kid Cudi – “No One Believes Me”

This one is as ominous as ominous gets. “No One Believes Me” is influenced by¬†Fright Night, and just watching it is enough to fill a person with paranoia. Plus, little children featured in anything scary never fails.

Toro Y Moi – “How I Know”

Off of Toro Y Moi’s Underneath The Pine LP, this video’s got some ghosts, haunted houses, and blood. Turns out dead people need love too.

Salem – “King Night”

This one from Salem channels another type of scary: the speculative something-is-about-to-happen sort of scary. Though it doesn’t feature ghosts, zombies, or children, there is something incredibly unsettling throughout this entire video.

Modeselektor and Thom Yorke – “Shipwreck”

What’s scarier than little children in scary movies and videos? Little children in scary movies and videos who don’t realize how disturbed they really are. The video for Modeselektor and Thom Yorke’s “Shipwreck” features zombies and ferocious, monsterous dogs.

Panda Bear – “Surfer’s Hymn”

Panda Bear’s music already sounds like an acid trip that, at any moment, could take a turn for the worse. Add in some skeletons to represent dead surfers and put them in a cemetery? Perfect for the acid-taking, surfboarding Halloween enthusiast.

Happy Halloween from P&P!