What the fuuuuhhhhh? Avicii‘s “Levels” is possibly the most infectious song of the last four thousand years. It’s a song that turns regular folk into fist-pumping bros. It doesn’t just get stuck in your head, it takes over your brain and spreads like a vicious, irreversible infection. Avicii’s “Levels” has ruined lives.

To further the song’s evil undertones, George Monev has reversed the hook-driving synths (obviously he was looking for hidden satanic messages). But to his and our surprise, the song remains just as catchy, and somehow, impossibly, it is even more upbeat. It’s like a fucking rainbow captured in audio form. A rainbow made of neon sunglasses and sprinkled with molly.

Here is Avicii’s “Levels”… in reverse.

Avicii – “Levels” (In Reverse)

(The Music Ninja)