I’m always down to listen to new things, even from artists I’ve never heard before. In fact that’s sort of why I got into writing for a music blog in the first place. So when I started getting track-by-track submissions from Kent Odessa, I would casually check out a song here or there, and then pass onto something else. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I really had no idea how to package a post about him. I mean, who was this guy? Before long I had four or five different random records from Kent sitting in my iTunes, and at that point decided it was time to start dialoguing with him. After a few email exchanges he informed me that these one-off songs he’d been sending weren’t loner tracks at all, but rather parts a full-length album. “Send me the whole album then”, I said. He did, and this is the story of Kent Odessa and Silverdome.

Kent Odessa is a one-man band from the Detroit suburbs. After flirting with some self-released EP’s under the alias Peephole, he decided to release Silverdome, his debut LP. Odessa performed nearly all of the instruments you hear on the album’s 10 tracks. As if that weren’t enough he’s also responsible for the lead and most of the “more female sounding” background vocals. Oh, of course he co-produced and co-mixed the album along with Hays Holladay of Bluebrain, so add those credits to the back jacket cover as well. How amazing is this ability? A few years ago Justin Vernon locked himself in a Wisconsin cabin to write and self-perform/record his own music, and now he’s a Grammy winner. I’m not saying these stories are entirely comparable, but some similarities exist.

Should we talk about how it sounds? This is funk, new wave, and progressive electronic music all in one package. We’ve heard acts like MGMT, and prior to them Electric Six, take the same nostalgic, psychedelic approach with their sound. This is music made to be heard in the now, but through certain elements it pays tribute to times past. Odessa cites that, “it’s in the tradition of Prince and Michael Jackson, with a little bit of Ariel Pink thrown in.” Below you’ll find a few choice tracks off Silverdome that I particularly enjoy. You can stream others on Kent’s SoundCloud or just buy the entire album from iTunes.