Agree, agree. Fuck your blog. Fuck all blogz. Fuck the whole internet, actually. Fuck technology in general. Fuck 2012 as a year, a number, and as a motherfucking combination of different numbers.

This one’s an unfinished track and it features the two guys who made the “Lemme Smang It” song/video. It seems like an odd choice of collaboration for Donald, since he already catches some criticism related to his other gig as a comedian, but fuck it. And fuck your blog. If nothing else, the first couple verses make the Childish contribution sound like no joke, which is in some ways kind of funny. Or not funny.

Move in silence like a gif.

Childish Gambino ft. Flynt Flossy & Yung Humma – “Fuck Your Blog”

Fuck Your Blog Lyrics

Thanks to Forever Childish for the heads up.