Just in time for Saturday night, here is the latest Dance Music Post to get you prepped for the evenings coming shenanigans.  We’ve assembled some of our favorite recent dance tracks for your perusal, so grab them individually or snag the zip located directly below. As this is my first post as a member of the P&P family, I’m excited to bring you guys a great bunch of songs.

Dance Music Post. 26

The original incarnation of “Zingaro” had a ridiculous, freewheeling synth-line that just would not leave heads once it was played once. It was a hook that would just not give up, and Shinichi Osawa knew that all it took to make that song was keep that single line going continuously and let the rest of the track build around it. It’s been out for a while now, but that synth hasn’t lost its luster and this extended remix is just a new way to hear it.

Shinichi Osawa – Zingaro (Rhythm Droids Extended Remix)

A-Trak has this amazing ability to keep listeners guessing right until the drop, and he continues this theme with his remix of “The Night Out” by Martin Solveig.  The first minute or so of the track is simply a clubbier version of the original, but at about the 2 min mark the melody drops out and is replaced by heavy synth line that makes you want to like dance and stuff.  You may remember Solveig for his song with Dragonette titled Hello, which just typing the name gets the song stuck in my head and makes me want to cry.

The Night Out (A-Trak Remix) – Martin Solveig

Here’s a fun song whose name I don’t know how to pronounce!  I guess the translation is something closest to Moonlight (longing/regret), which I’m sure is all kinds of heartfelt in Swedish.  And of course the two members of Ditt Inre are Swedish because the more I learn the more I come to realize that Sweden’s main export must be fantastic pop music (according to Wikipedia I guess it’s actually stuff like machinery, cars, and wood pulp).  Anyway, the song is a drift down a lazy river in a inner tube filled with peppy synth lines, at a waterpark of desire with the faint smells of summer and wood pulp drifting in.

Månljus (saknad) – Ditt Inre

Because you’re lying if you say you don’t enjoy progressive house and trance music, here is a progressive house remix of the alternative rock band The Joy Formidable.  It’s impossible to listen to the chorus without a sheepish grin creeping onto your face, saying to no one in particular, “Aww okay yeah I’ll just dance just a little bit.”  The original song describes the difficulties of lifting bulky math equipment and alludes to Joy Formidable’s time in 2nd Century BC China.

A Heavy Abacus (Qulinez Remix) – The Joy Formidable

As I continue to age I’m going to have to start raising the bar for artists I hate because they’re younger than me.  This irrational anger stemming from my lack of musical ability may still be justifiable for Florida’s 16 year old XXYYXX and all this talent he seems to have.  The track itself retains very few aspects of the Waka’s original, and could probably just be considered XXYYXX sampling vocals for use on this ass-shaking bassed out hip hop beat.  The song itself, along with the another HITP remix by XXYYXX’s label-mate GRANT is available for download over at GRANT’s bandcamp.

Hard in da Paint (XXYYXX Remix) – XXYYXX

Straight out of the dance music oven where temperatures exceed too-hot-to-have-shoes-on degrees is Jay Fay’s remix of Bailey Small’s track Baby, I Love You.  Jay Fay’s re-imagining of the track strips it down to its most essential elements, and then inserts a synth line that would almost seem oppressive if your first instinct was to dance to it.

Baby, I Love You (Jay Fay Remix) – Bailey Smalls

Less for dancing and more for vigorous head-nodding, this is the newest track to hit from beatmaking wizard Gold Panda. The English producer has a knack for producing techno that feels so worn and natural that his best productions almost come with a prepackaged sense of comfort. This remix is significant because it’s really, really good, but also because it’s the first time in a while GP has shifted back to the style of work that characterized his debut album, Lucky Shiner. This is out with the minimalism and ushers back the dusty samples, creative drums and the kind of groove that made us such big fans in the first place.

Nightworks – “I Tried So Hard (Gold Panda Remix)”

When I saw these two, especially the “Cartoon & Cereal” rework up over at LFTF, I must admit I was worried. That song’s nearly untouchable. DJ Tim Dolla proved that he knows what he’s doing, though, leaving most of the song to itself and just adding loops and the jersey club drums that are blowing up the bass music scene right now. Same goes for the “3 Hunna” remix, which gave him a little more room to work.

Kendrick Lamar ft. Gunplay – “Cartoon & Cereal (DJ Tim Dolla Remix)

Chief Keef – “3 Hunna (DJ Tim Dolla Remix)

Dubbel Dutch, u r so exotic. Flipping some Middle Eastern-sounding samples and then adding a couple gunshots in for good measure, this guy is a tough act to follow in terms of creativity. That use of outsider influences doesn’t seem to hamper, in any way, his ability to churn out increasingly interesting bangers.

Dubbel Dutch – “No Futura”