Photo: Danny Krug

I was really late to the Ghost Beach party, first hearing their unbeatably catchy single “Empty Streets” something like five months after it was released. However, the song is great in a timeless way and seemed ahead of its time – a perfect piece of summer pop dropping in October. Ghost Beach has been on repeat since. I’m all caught up on the NYC indie-pop duo now, just in time for the release of the equally infectious “Miracle,” which is available for free download below. If you like huge, catchy choruses and tropically-tinged pop, you’ll enjoy this one. Even if that’s not something you don’t think you like, you’ll probably still like this. It seems impossible to shake. Check out the rest of the catalog over at the official website.

Ghost Beach – “Miracle”

Also, it’s of no surprise that Ghost Beach are heavily affiliated with Neon Gold, purveyors of all that is magnetic indie pop.