Two weeks ago, out of nowhere, Kanye West released the visuals for his Justin Vernon-assisted, MBDTF-closing track, “Lost In The World.” While the timing of it felt a bit strange and way too fashionably late, even by Yeezy standards, no one with ears and a respectable taste in music complained about getting a refresh of the record. Conventional wisdom would have us thinking that with the album well behind us, and the video now out, that would be the last new thing we’d hear relative to this song. Clearly we forgot about the version that Tiësto debuted back at the Ultra Music Festival in 2011. While the remix had been played live, and unofficial rips have been floating around the Internet, this is the first time we’ve heard it released in full, with proper clearances, from the Dutch demigod DJ himself. Tiësto included it in a recent official podcast and we’ve got that stream for you below.