This new Lykke Li track is part of her Swedish superlabel Ingrid’s Record Store Day Volym 1 compilation. There was a lot of cool stuff included on the release, which you can check out at Amazon. However, following her live performance of a new song (these sound like two completely different songs), the surfacing of a new Lykke Li track is what is really interesting here. It’s a dark chant of a song, with rolling, almost tribal drums making up most of the backdrop for Li’s voice and a good look for her, it’s a captivating listen.

Normally, Confusion would be the one bringing you Lykke Li material and news, and he would be doing it in far more entertaining a fashion than I can. However, in light of her recent engagement and the fact this is the second post today on his unrequited love, I’ve taken over LykkeWatch today at P&P. I’m sorry for the changes, please resume your daily browsing.


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