The first half of 2012 has produced some really interesting music. New acts are clearly going the extra mile to expand their sound, and to do things that are well outside the traditional scope of what has been required to gain attention in the past. While we certainly love to see that unique, creative energy oozing out from across the globe, it’s almost as equally refreshing to hear something from a newly formed act whose sound profile and character remind us of some “older,” well established bands. Groups like The Strokes and Phoenix, who have perfected a certain formula of upbeat, danceable music with a clear rock edge.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, The Royal Concept are a fresh out-the-oven indie alternative group who have taken guidance from a wide swath of influencers that range from Simon & Garfunkel to Daft Punk. According to frontman David Larson, the group’s main goal, “has been to make people dance more than when a DJ spins records.” Their first single, “D-D-Dance,” certainly accomplishes that, and the rest of this debut is upbeat, fun and enjoyable. Snag a free download of their second single “Gimme Twice,” and enjoy my personal favorite, “Goldrushed.”

The self-titled EP from The Royal Concept will be released this coming Tuesday June 19th, via Lava/Universal Music Group.

The Royal Concept EP by universalrepublic