A pair of newer musical talents have joined forces to create not one, but two entertaining cover songs. This split-single release combines the bossanova-soaked stylings of west coast outfit Trails and Ways, with the pop-forward attitude of NYC’s Ghost Beach. The bi-costal collaboration allowed each to put their respective signature spin on the other’s record. For comparative purposes we’ve provided the originals of each below the SoundCloud streams.

Trails and Ways deliver a healthy dose of sunshine with their rendition of “Miracle.” Tropical percussive additions and an entire verse of the song reworked in Spanish instantly turn the track into a beach-ready anthem suitable for any warm weather occasion.

Ghost Beach – “Miracle”

Ghost Beach took “Nunca” from the streets of Brazil to the night clubs of Bali. What began as an airy dream pop jam has been transformed into a full-blown, synth heavy dance track that manages to go high energy without sacrificing the original integrity of the tune.

Trails and Ways – “Nunca”