Trails and Ways are back with another single, this one titled “Mtn Tune.” Dream pop in its most derivative form, the song contains soft male and female vocals alongside “weaving guitars and an ephemeral synth line.” Says the Oakland natives about the story behind the song:

The song is about a rock climbing trip our singer KBB took last fall with a girl he promised he wouldn’t fall in love with. But up in the mountains, tied together… well, we all know how that story ends.

KBB then embarked on a solo backpacking retreat to the Desolation Wilderness with only a guitar for company. After several meditative days in amongst the mountains and rocks, this song emerged. In “real life” the two young lovers parted ways after their inaugural adventure, but through this song their connection lives on.

With a story like that, it’d be difficult for your interest not to be piqued. Give “Mtn Tune” a listen below.