With The xx‘s Coexist coming up, there was the obvious question of whether or not the band could capture the magic they created on their debut and avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. We’re only two songs in, and the answer is pretty clear: yes, they can. Although they’ve insisted that they aren’t trying to make the same album again, that bare, cold sound that makes The xx what they are is still very much present. Listen to “Chained” below.

Of the track, singer Madley Croft told SPIN:

“Oliver and I just wrote together in a room. I playing keyboard in the basement and we just wrote, it just kind of happened. And we discussed the song, and it grew in interesting ways that never have existed if we’d written solely through e-mail. When we came to Jamie and played it to him live, he started playing along and brought a rhythmic twist that I would have never have thought of. It really happened very organically.”