These days any small thing that a band can do to positively differentiate themselves from the pack is key in both establishing a fan base and building popularity in this ever-changing, Internet-driven musical landscape. Instead of simply releasing their upcoming EP through a Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes or any other traditional online outlet, MS MR have decided to utilize tumblr as their choice platform for release. While it’s no new thing to unleash single tracks via tumblr, it’s not often (if ever) that we see full EP’s dropping through the site. Additionally the band is also offering some interactive features to accompany their new music, which they further explain in the statement below.

“We’re so excited to unveil our new EP, Candy Bar Creep Show, starting today on our tumblr, Here’s how it works: every Monday for the next four weeks, a new track will be released along with artwork, a video, an official remix, and stems so you can make your own remixes and submit them to us to potentially use in our album campaign. This is the first time an EP has been released through tumblr (we think), and we’ve had an incredible time working with so many talented people to put everything together. We now hand it all over to you to enjoy, and invite you to be an active part of this EP’s life!”

“Bones” is the first track to be released off Candy Bar Creep Show, and it follows very closely in the footsteps of the duo’s debut single, “Hurricane.” If dark and stormy is your cup of tea, MS MR might just be your new favorite group. Stream the ominous track below.

(Mostly Junk Food)