Main Attrakionz and Gucci Mane. It’s not an unexpected combination because the personalities involved are incongruous (in fact Gucci’s subtle weirdness and makes a pretty fitting complement to Mondre and Squadda’s quirky swag raps), but rather because the notion of the lo-fi Bay Area duo rising to the ranks of rapping on a track with a man who’s released multiple gold albums seemed almost unfathomable some two years ago when the Main Attrakionz started bubbling up on the tumblrsphere. They’ve achieved a genuine buzz without a gimmick and, whether you love their music or not (outside of the mostly excellent 808s and Dark Grapes0,¬†they’ve yet to craft a cohesive statement that really reveals what all the fuss is about), it’s impressive to see an indie act climb the cliffs of wider consciousness.

All that too much for you? The Zaytoven beat knocks with a weird synth bounce that gives Gucci a nice familiar place to land. It’s worth listening for that and the delightfully weird chorus (Gucci in classic play-off-one-word mode). Also, if the opportunity ever arose, I can’t say I’d be mad at a Squadda B/Zaytoven produced collaborative album called Gucci Mane Attrakionz. Like Madvillainy, but with fewer masks and more drugs.

(Traps N Trunks)