This past Thursday, DJ Shadow and Beatport announced that his “infamous” South Beach set would be getting uploaded to their Beatport Mixes site. We mentioned how this contradicted Shadow’s previous statement, where he said he’d be uploading the set to SoundCloud. While it’s not up on Beatport Mixes at the time of this posting, it has been uploaded to his SoundCloud – for stream and download.

Enjoy this 86 minute trek into the depths of “future music,” the sound of Shadow’s “All Basses Covered” tour. It runs the gamut of dance music styles, with the first thirty minutes throwing the sounds of drum & bass, trap, footwork, and other sounds into a massive blender. Excellent example of a DJ who’s been as much of a student as he is an educator showcasing the sounds that still move him.

The question still remains: if he got kicked off the decks 20-3- minutes that night in Miami, how do we have an 86 minute set? Surely Shadow must have re-created the entire mix, right? And judging by the cavalcade of sounds in this mix, he shouldn’t have been DJing in that club in the first place. Doesn’t seem to fit the clientele. Outside of all of that, enjoy the fuck out of this.

BONUS Shadow’s also uploaded another set, from his visit to California’s Low End Theory night back in July:

(DJ Shadow)