Here’s an interesting one, and a fly anthem for those of you who subscribe to that mentality (which you should). The story goes that skater/MTV personality/everyman Rob Dyrdeck and his cousin Drama were putting out a mixtape, Trappers Keepers, and this cut was to be a part of it. That’s right,Valentino Khan & ETC!ETC! got the ask from Wiz Khalifa‘s camp to rock an official remix to this O.N.I.F.C. single. They mentioned DJ Benzi, so it sounds like he was behind this project as some point (at the time of press, we can’t find any info on what this project also entailed, or it’s states).

Regardless, this is a pretty awesome Trap rendition of Wiz’s track. Either finish up whatever work you’re still knocking out, or pour up a little more and power through it… with this as your soundtrack.