While it’s undeniable that the mass-proliferation of tools for creating music and spreading bedroom productions has led to some music that gives “shit” a bad name, the new music ecosystem has also allowed some of the world’s more precocious talents to make noise without the need for talent searches and television shows.

This morning, the ever-tasteful mind behind HillyDilly hipped me to Lorde, a young New Zealander (16 or 17 according to countrymen, apparent labelmates, and P&P-familiars The Wyld) with a funky aesthetic and attention-grabbing voice.

Lorde’s debut EP The Love Club¬†dropped at the end of November 2012, but, as occasionally happens in the vast sea of the internet, it went unnoticed by our ears until a friend lent a helping hand. Poppy, of-the-now production might distract at first from a sharply written set of songs, but after a few listens, the EP coheres, a collection that sounds utterly contemporary while commenting on the moment with clear eyes. And, again, all from a girl barely pushing the upper reaches of the teenage years.

Lorde certainly has room to grow, but don’t be surprised if you start to see her name passed around the blogs like cool currency. Check out The Love Club below.

(Hilly Dilly)