This Joey Bada$$ and Lil B beef is really happening. After Joey made a remark on Twitter, Lil B responded with “I’m the BadaSS.” Now Joey fires back with “Don’t Quit Ya Day Job.” This beef has Twitter all riled up, and while Joey Bada$$’ fans stick by his side, Lil B’s brave Task Force is gearing up to serve and protect.

For now, this whole situation seems like a win-win. Attacking Lil B is kind of pointless. He’ll undoubtedly use this opportunity to further perpetuate the legend of Based God, and Joey’s fans will all be able to make valid points like, “Lyrically, Joey’s on a whole other level. Lil B can’t even rap.” So really, win-win, yeah? Check out the latest diss below, and see what Lil B and Joey are saying on Twitter.