Here’s a second track from┬áDan The Automater and Emily Wells‘ new side project, Pillowfight. These two make an interesting combination, fitting and clean, and avoiding the pitfalls of that sometimes awkward hip-hop producer/singer collaboration. If you’re familiar with Emily Wells, though, this makes sense. I mean, she’s covered Biggie. She’s also a producer herself, and a quite creative one. The result is something like Gorillaz + a touch of vintage soul + a little bit of Halloween and a healthy helping of hip-hop. Good things.

With groups like Purity Ring leading the way with hip-hop influence on a forward-thinking, female-led brand of pop, Pillowfight may come across as a little safe and a little less timely, but it’s also a lot catchier and has potential for a wider appeal.

Pillowfight’s self-titled LP comes out January 22nd.