Photo by Patti Miller defines a “contranym” as “any word that can be its own antonym.” On Portland-based singer/producer Natasha Kmeto’s new song “Contranym,” the words “I know I love you/It’s cuz I hate you” form a constant refrain–the only lyrics present in a shifting mix of drum samples, buzzing bass, and airy pads. It can feel disjoint and jarring at times; taken as a whole, it makes sense, a musical attempt to embody a pretty heady concept.

It isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of experimental indie-electronic-soul-pop (though it’s not like the line is around the block for that drink), but “Contranym” plants a flag on intriguing sonic real estate, hinting at bigger ideas to come from an artist whose new EP (out on 2/19 via Dropping Gems) bears the fitting title Dirty Mind Melt.