BREAKING NEWS – The Strokes have confirmed Comedown Machine as the official title for their forthcoming fifth studio LP, which is now scheduled for a March 26th release. It was reported overnight that a Reddit user had unearthed the image above by cracking into the code behind the band’s official website. Internet pandemonium ensued as many speculated that the pic, which resembles a red vintage RCA tape reel box displaying the group’s name and the words “Comedown Machine” directly below, might have been of the new album cover and title. All suspicions have now been confirmed.

The original image also listed a run time of “37 minutes, 49 seconds” and the descriptive phrases “Extra Strength,” “Splice Free,” and “Professional Standard, which have now been replaced by the text “Pre-Order Now,” the official release date, and a few other comments about the album. You can see all artwork and relevant images, as well as pre-order Comedown Machine, at The Strokes official website. Be sure to also listen to the song “One Way Trigger” below, which was released last week. It’s a teaser of new material, however sources have reconfirmed that the album’s first official single will be “All The Time,” a track that has yet to be released.

Check out the B-movie-themed lyric poster for “One Way Trigger!”