“My family pitched in to get me a Gibson 335 last year for Christmas. I didn’t quite find the sound I was looking for until I started playing electric.” It’s surprising that a talented songwriter like 22-year-old Mackenzie Scott, aka Torres, needed a plug in her guitar in order to get the sound she was completely happy with, but it worked. Without it, this music might be a little harder to jump into and a little easier to lump in with so much of the soft singer/songwriter acoustic music that so many artists can never break free from.

Good thing she got that electric guitar.

This is only the second song we’ve heard from Torres (the first being “Honey“), but it makes it hard not to call her upcoming debut one of the most anticipated albums of the year. She went for an unpolished sound, but instead of feeling unfinished or intentionally lo-fi, these songs are some of the most completely fulfilling that we’ve heard from a new artist this year–which isn’t saying much since it’s only day nine of 2013, but Torres is going to be hard to top.

Hear/download “Mother Earth, Father God” below, and look out for Torres’ debut album on January 22nd.

Watch the teaser for her upcoming album below: