Appropriate or not, we often associate Toro Y Moi and Washed Out very closely with one another. As early curators of the chillwave genre that oozed its way onto the music scene in 2009, both acts had occupied a relatively comparable space up until very recently. With last week’s release of Anything in Return, Toro has begun to demonstrate a more ambitious production palette where as Washed Out has continued to head down a more focused path of evolving the glo-fi movement.

His latest work, a very plush and slow burning hypnotic tune called “The Sound of Creation,” was birthed from a partnership with Phillips audio. The company asked Earnest Greene (Washed Out) to be a part of their Sound of Creation campaign, which called for him to take an introspective look at the music that has influenced his career. Head over to Consequence of Sound to learn more about the collaboration and to read an enlightening Q&A with Washed Out.