Like a boulder slowly gaining a head of steam as it rolls downhill, the buzz around Chance the Rapper is seems to be picking up speed and reach, with local Chicago radio taking notice and the young emcee’s name being bandied about for a spot on XXL’s Freshman 10 cover. Blog mentions don’t always beget real world intrigue, but it appears Chance is beginning to step beyond the reaches of 15″ screens (or 5″ screens for our mobile readers).

In the video for “Juice,” Chance takes to the streets of New York at night, rapping under the lights of a mostly empty Times Square. Packing the animated flow  that is becoming his stock-in-trade, Chance twists words with ease over a sparse, whimsical beat. Not a bad way to kick off the push towards his new tape, Acid Rap, and what could be a big 2013 for a promising talent.