All the Dirty Projectors tracks that have been released since Swing Lo Magellan and their most recent EP About to Die feel like extra quilt squares from a more elaborate, bigger piece. It’s not that they don’t fit in with the rest of the record’s theme, they’re more like rabbit trails or sidebars of the main conversation. So, “There’s a Fire” also falls into this category — it is solidly a Dirty Projector’s song with David Longstreth’s woozy vocals and some off-kilter drums flush with a wandering bassline.

But it certainly feels like a relative of “Dance For You” and fits in with their most recent releases. The single is available as a B-side on the Offspring Are Blank white label 7″, which were pressed exclusively for the band’s January 2013 Carnegie Hall show. Only 250 hand numbered copies were made, and a few remain in the Domino webstore. Stream the track below and check out their tour dates with The National that were announced earlier today.