Neon Gold is back at it. Once again the dudez at the always one-step-ahead beat company have come through with a stellar artist: Magic Man. According to the band’s Facebook they are a “triumphant synth rock band” and it’s hard to argue with this assessment. Starting as a duo releasing some tunes in 2010, they are back now as a five-piece and their first offering is pretty fantastic.

“Paris” is indie pop perfection. A bit of Passion Pit mixed with M83, the song starts mellow but once it drops into the chorus good luck sitting still. The synth combined with a super fun beat creates a musical cocktail I definitely suggest you get a little tipsy off of—or completely drunk. You know what, just get drunk, it’s a great song. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to put on my favorite beret, eat a croissant, and dance to “Paris” (but to stay authentic to the French I will look extremely bored the whole time).