You may not have heard of Fallulah, but she’s no stranger to the Danish music scene. After debuting with “I Lay My Head,” she was met with critical acclaim, from winning the Main Prize at the Danish National Radio Awards, to nominations for the Danish Grammy and the Critics Choice Awards and selling out tours in Denmark. Today, Pigeons & Planes will be introducing America to its first taste of Maria Apetri with “Out Of It.”

Apetri’s song immediately demands your attention with the first note, and the intensity only escalates from there through layered vocals and thumping percussions. Fallulah’s voice is soft yet strong, sounding as if she’s defiantly trying to break out of that sensitive female indie pop mold. It’s an extremely playful yet lucid pop song that demonstrates Fallulah’s strong grasp of how to make music that sticks. Stream “Out Of It” below.