To try and place Joywave’s sound into only one musical genre would be nearly impossible. That’s because the upstate New York band have become experts in defining themselves. Their songs possess the catchy hooks of celestial pop songs, the hazy synths of electro-indie and the carefully placed guitar progressions of alternative rock. Which is maybe what’s so alluring about Joywave; where some bands have chosen to perfect one of these elements, Joywayve has managed to seamlessly blend them all together to create a production that’s infectious, exciting and entirely their own.

Their latest track, “All I Want” is just another example of this. It layers soulful horns, glistening chimes, smooth vocals and pops of percussion on top of a dance-ready beat. It doesn’t sound like it should work, and in the hands of a lesser talented band it probably wouldn’t, but here it does. Today we’re happy to premiere the new song, which will be on their upcoming mixtape 88888, due out in April. Give “All I Want” a spin below: